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Draft Profile: Riley Ridley

Draft Profile: Riley Ridley


    For the second year in a row, a wide receiver named Ridley will be drafted by an NFL team. Last year, Calvin Ridley from Alabama was drafted 26th overall to the Atlanta Falcons and had a great rookie season pulling in 10 touchdown receptions. Younger brother Riley Ridley is hoping to join his older brother after enjoying a successful career at the University of Georgia. While Calvin was a first-round choice, Riley figures to go somewhere in the second round in a draft loaded with wideout talent. Let’s see how the brothers Ridley stack up (Using Calvin’s college statistics).

    First of all, Riley Ridley wins at alliteration; Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Now, on with the statistics. Both Ridley brothers are pretty close in physical attributes; Riley is one inch taller at 6’2, and 10 lbs heavier at 200 pounds. This year for Georgia, Riley Ridley made 44 receptions for 570 yards and 9 touchdowns; while in Calvin Ridley’s senior year, he recorded 63 receptions for 967 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    Both Ridleys are known to be solid route runners with great hands. While neither one of them is lacking in speed, Calvin has the edge in this department. To Riley’s credit, he has a slightly larger catch radius than Calvin; evidenced by his red-zone touchdowns this year. If I had to make a definitive statement on these two guys, I would have to say that I’d want Calvin Ridley at the wideout position to get my offense down the field, and Riley Ridley lined up for a fade route in the corner of the endzone. Again, I cannot stress enough that I believe both players are talented and very capable receivers, but personally I have to give the edge to older brother Calvin Ridley.

    Calvin Ridley went to the Atlanta Falcons to supplement Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu, so I think a good landing spot for Riley would be the Baltimore Ravens or the Raiders (Whatever city they’re from now). In Baltimore he would make a good pairing with Michael Crabtree and Willie Snead, giving Lamar Jackson plenty of options to help him improve from his rookie year. For the Raiders, like most players, Ridley would be a step down from Amari Cooper, but he would definitely be a reliable pass catcher for Derek Carr. As I mentioned before, I have to give the edge to Calvin Ridley, but Riley’s rookie season may have a lot to do with where he ends up. No matter where the younger Ridley gets drafted, I’m sure that this debate will continue around the Ridley Thanksgiving table.

-By: Nick Selko

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