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The Dallas Cowboys Will Not Sign Earl Thomas

The Dallas Cowboys Will Not Sign Earl Thomas


As much as I know people would rather be hearing who their team will sign this time of year than who they will not. It seems to be something that has to be said at times.

As much as safety help could be used in Dallas, they already have their hands full. Going into the offseason with 45.7 million dollars in cap space Dallas must re-sign multiple key pieces to some big deals.

Just to list off some of these players Demarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Byron Jones. Of the four Dak Prescott is the only one who will most likely be willing to settle below a top tier paycheck.

If the fact of these four big contracts alone being needed is not enough for you to trust me, ask Cowboys GM, Stephen Jones. During an interview with 105.3, The Fan Jones was asked if there was any possibility of Dallas signing a big named safety and the answer was quickly and simply “no”.

The Cowboys plan completely on trying to build with the draft and will have their hands full keeping everyone inside the organization with no real wiggle room to chase after players such as Earl Thomas.

My best prediction on a landing spot for Thomas is in San Francisco. The 49ers could use some more help in the secondary, and plan for a rebound year with McKinnon and Garoppolo returning from knee injuries. A team up with former Legion of Boom member Richard Sherman does not seem unlikely.

-By: Austin Bronstad

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