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The State of Golden Tate: Done in Philly?

The State of Golden Tate: Done in Philly?


Even after the Eagles gave up a third-round pick for him, Tate’s days in midnight green may be numbered. His contract expires at the end of this league year and it doesn’t seem like Philadelphia has been proactive in getting him an extension. The Eagles brought in Tate to give the offense a spark, but he only totaled 342 yards (including playoffs) in ten games. Part of the reason for his enormous dip in production was the presence of Nelson Agholor. Agholor had entrenched himself as the Eagles’ starting slot receiver, and with Tate primarily lining up inside, there wasn’t space for the two of them. Tate could be expensive to keep around, and with the Eagles already in cap hell, it wouldn’t make too much sense to give him the money he’d command on the open market.

Adam Schefter recently announced on Twitter that the Atlanta Falcons extended LB Bruce Carter for another year. In response, Tate wrote, “Oh so you don’t have to wait until March to sign extensions. Hmm interesting, good to know”. It can be inferred that Philadelphia hasn’t reached out to Tate regarding his contract, and he will most likely hit free agency. He’s been linked to the Patriots, and it would be interesting to see how Bill Belichick utilizes him, especially with Julian Edelman already in the fold.

Tate has three career 1,000-yard seasons, with the most recent coming in 2017.

-By: Micah Jimoh

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