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NFL Final Power Rankings

NFL Final Power Rankings


The 2018-19 NFL season has come to an end. Surprise! The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most all-time with 6. Here are the final 2018 Power Rankings as we will see where your team stacks up against the next.

  1. New England Patriots (11-5)

    Once again, the New England Patriots came out on top as champions. Tom Brady won his 6th of all time, and Julian Edelman won Super Bowl MVP. Throughout the season, everyone counted them out saying Brady was showing his age and that the firepower is gone. That got washed away very fast. The Pats finished the season with an 11-5 record, scoring 436 points and giving up 325 points. This year the Patriots had a change in identity as they became a downhill, run-first offense, as they drafted Georgia running back Sony Michel, who had a dominant playoff run. The Patriots did struggle on the road this season, as they went 3-5 until it mattered when they went into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. With the core of their team and a young running back to help an ageless Tom Brady, the Pats will be contenders yet again next year.

    MVP- Stephon Gilmore

    Player to Watch in 2019 – Sony Michel

  2. Los Angeles Rams (13-3)

    A season full of big plays, scoring, and a display of pure domination on the offensive side of the ball, the Rams were as good as they get on the offensive side of the ball. On the other hand, their defense struggled mightily, ranking as one of the worst defenses in the NFL. In the Super Bowl, these tides changed, as they only gave up 13 points. The problem was that the high -flying offense only managed to score 3 points. The Super Bowl raised a lot of questions. Is McVay a clutch coach? What happened to Todd Gurley? Is Jared Goff overrated? These are questions that must be answered if LA wants to get back to the promise land. If the Rams can clean up their defense and get the questions answered, this team can look to dominate the NFL in 2019.

    MVP- Todd Gurley

    Player to Watch in 2019- Jared Goff

  3. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

    With the MVP leading the helm, Tyreek Hill making big plays, Travis Kelce being a reliable option, the Chiefs offense was unstoppable this year. In his first year starting, Patrick Mahomes had a special year. He threw 50 touchdowns and stood toe to toe with Andrew Luck and Tom Brady in the playoffs. Like the Rams, the Chiefs biggest problem is their defense. They were 24th in defensive scoring and 31st in yards allowed. Two numbers that are extremely bad and need to be fixed. With Dee Ford on the market, the Chiefs need to upgrade on the defensive side of the ball. If they do, the Chiefs are a force in the AFC and Patrick Mahomes is only going to get better.

    MVP- Patrick Mahomes

    Player to Watch in 2019- Damien Williams

  4. New Orleans Saints (12-4)

    Last year, The Minneapolis Miracle. This year, a blatantly missed call. Luck hasn’t been on the Saints side, but they still have a lot to look forward to next year. With the offensive attack with Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas and a stout defense featuring Marshon Lattimore and Cameron Jordan, the Saints can take over a game on both sides of the ball. The Saints were arguably the most complete team in sports and can easily get over their bad luck next year and be a contender yet again.

    MVP- Drew Brees

    Player to Watch in 2019- Marshon Lattimore

  5. Chargers

  6. Cowboys

  7. Colts

  8. Texans

  9. Bears

  10. Seahawks

  11. Eagles

  12. Ravens

  13. Vikings

  14. Steelers

  15. Browns

  16. Titans

  17. Packers

  18. Falcons

  19. Panthers

  20. Redskins

  21. Dolphins

  22. Broncos

  23. Bills

  24. Bengals

  25. Lions

  26. Buccaneers

  27. Giants

  28. Jets

  29. Jaguars

  30. Raiders

  31. 49ers

  32. Cardinals

    -By: Richie Dordas

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