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Who’s the GOAT? Brady vs Jordan

Who’s the GOAT? Brady vs Jordan


Sports conversations are going to get intense in the next few weeks with one major question being asked. Who is the GOAT? Brady or Jordan? Some people say can you really compare a basketball and football player? Can you really compare Jordan’s 15-year career to Brady’s almost 20-year campaign? In Jordan’s 15 years he made it to the Finals 6 times. There is the argument he won every time but Brady has been on the main stage 9 times in his current 19-year streak. While they both have 6 rings, Brady’s claims he’s playing for a few more years so he has a chance at snagging a 7th or maybe even 8th ring. Brady is clearly unmatched in a consistency aspect. He is always in the playoffs, so we have to give this argument to. BRADY

Jordan is a 14x All-star, 3x STL Champ, 11x All-NBA, 1984-85 ROY and All-Rookie, 1987-88 Defensive POY, 5x MVP, 10x Scoring Champ, 6x NBA Champ, 9x All-Defensive, and 6 Finals MVP. You get the picture. The man won a lot of awards, but so did Brady. Brady is a 14x Pro Bowl, 6x SB Champ, 2007 and 2010 AP Offensive POY, 2009 AP Comeback Player of the year, 3x All-Pro and 3x MVP, 2009 PFWA Comeback Player, and 2007 Bert Bell Award. While both accomplished a lot, Jordan has the slight edge here because he was Rookie of the Year and he has more awards than Brady. JORDAN

Brady’s arguably best season is his 2007 season where he completed 68.9% of his passes, passed for 50 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, and average slightly over 300 passing yards a game with an 88.5 passer rating. Jordan’s arguably best season is his 87-88 season where he won MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. He averaged 35 points a game leading the league, and 3.2 steals and 3.8 DREB a game. We can’t really compare playing stats but it’s safe to say both are the GOATS in their individual respective sports. TIE

To sum up the argument Brady is a better leader on the field. Jordan wouldn’t have sustained all his winnings without help. However, Brady has consistently made no-name players into somebody. Who is Danny Amendola, or Chris Hogan? They were nobody before Brady became their quarterback. Brady has the ability to put the team on his back and take control of the game. He lives for having the ball last and ending the game with the last points. Brady has never left his team, other than when injured, while Jordan took many breaks from basketball and switched team. While both players are great leaders, we have to give this argument to Brady.  BRADY


-By: Julius Jefferson

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